You have likely searched for Mexican Sugar, Sugar Distributor, Bulk
Sugar, Wholesale Sugar, Sugar Importer, or Raw Sugar to reach this
site. We sell truckload quantities of the above mentioned products. If
that is what you are looking for, read on.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our page. We not only supply the items listed above, but also strive to offer a customer service experience that is above expectation. We try to tailor our customer service to meet YOUR individual needs and will gladly help you in any way possible.

We do not use fake promotional lines to drive sales. You’ve heard them: “Prices are going up, supply at this price is limited,” etc. If there is a clearly defined price trend and you ask, we will be happy to tell you everything that we have been able to glean about current market conditions and future market direction. Although market direction at times is difficult to predict, we can usually give an informed idea about where the market is heading. During the last year, customers were coming to us asking if “now is a good time to book for the next two or four quarters”. Because we knew that there was a huge crop expected, and that it would create a big supply imbalance, we told them that the best value was in buying on the spot market to benefit from the falling market. Many did just that and were pleased with the outcome.

Mennonite Delight offers sugar on a spot, load by load basis, or we can offer contracting for customers that want to hedge their exposure to the market.

Our goal is to provide a service that rises above the problems that have plagued other sugar suppliers. We pledge to keep our pricing consistent, and also to fulfill your requests for quotes quickly.

We supply rail-car loads and truckloads of Mexican sugar. Our sugar is available in bulk hoppers, super sacks, 50 kilo bags (unsifted), 50 lb. bags, and 25 lb. bags.

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